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Our Goal is to enable the marketplace with powerful resources to stay informed and appropriately react to the ongoing sales and use tax Nexus changes in the United States. As a result of the US Supreme Court Case (Wayfair v. South Dakota, decided June 21, 2018) all remote sellers must either collect and remit sales and use tax in multiple states or qualify as a Small Seller.  If your sales are exempt your company will need a sound Certificate Solution that can withstand audit scrutiny.

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Economic Nexus Solution

If your ENexus Percentage is higher than 100% in any given state with a Remote Seller Law your company has likely established Economic Nexus in the jurisdiction(s). If your ENexus Percentage is lower than 100% your company likely qualifies as a Small Seller. The typical state Economic Nexus threshold is between $100,000 to $250,000 in annual gross receipts or 200 sales, however, outliers do exist and new guidance is released daily. Use this free simple tool to track your ENexus status as you grow.

North Dakota measures their Small Seller threshold by Taxable Sales rather than Gross Sales 

Resale Certificate Solution

Resale and Exemption Certificate management is more important now than ever.  SALTcert is a powerful cloud solution for managing your certificates. Access SALTcert through your web browser to collect, validate, track and retrieve certificates. Scalable to any size business, SALTcert can be used as a stand alone online resource or integrated with resident ERP systems. If you sell to Exempt Organizations or accept Resale Certificates a certificate management system is strongly recommended.

Alabama will begin enforcing remote seller collection requirement October 1, 2018