ZSA prepares and processes thousands of sales and use tax returns remitting millions of tax dollars during our "monthly busy season" by the 20th of every month.   ZSA services are provided entirely within our local offices in Culver City and Irvine, California.  ZSA does not outsource or leverage any work or data to international foreign locations.  Our wide variety of engaged clients provides ZSA with unique insight to developing reporting issues facing businesses and consumers, alike.  The forceful spread of sales and use tax registration and reporting obligations set significant hurdles in front of corporate and corner store businesses that ZSA is well versed in resolving.

Our clients find themselves navigating sea of expanding multistate compliance obligations with a variety of new jurisdictional demands.  As sales and use tax compliance footprints continue to expand, outsourcing of the sales and use tax function becomes an increasingly logical and cost beneficial solution.  With a brief consultation and cursory review of your data, ZSA will provide you with a reasonable fee for services tailored to a smooth transition consistent with your historical reporting.  Our transition team is prepared to take on your reporting obligation as soon as your next due date coming up next month.  

ZSA compliance services will include (among other things):

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